"15 Cuppas A Book" Read & Drink Kit 「一本書・十五杯茶的時間」

by 香言 Scentory


This year, we take inspiration from our personal experience by fusing Eastern and Western teas, symbolic of our roots and the cultures that have refined our minds in these uncertain times. 

This drink kit comes with a list of books that have stuck with me this year. It is an immensely personal selection with a wonderful tea selection by our tea curator partner, Peerie Tea. Please enjoy our curation and a wonderful journey into the unknown, and perhaps, 15 cuppas are all you need to finish a good book.

The set also comes with a surprise book and seasonal playlist, curated by Scentory.

Pick your tea for the set

1. Ethereal  Organic Green Assam that has a sweet start with mineral flint and fruit notes, and is best paired with light reads, taking a sweet escape from reality.

2. Clement  pure, caffeine-free Lemon verbena, lemongrass and calendula petals infusion. This is best paired with books that jog the mind or if you prefer, a late-night read.

3. (pick one) Time-honoured  organic Black Assam tea with hibiscus. This tea can be paired with any book and will keep you accompanied throughout.

4. (pick one) Homey  a fruity blend with cinnamon, ginger, elderflowers and dried apple. Rich in flavour, the delightful blend is a celebration of traditions and is best paired with modern classics that explore different cultures.


這次隨伴讀套裝推出的書單是香言非常個人的選擇。每一本選書都曾經為我們啟發靈感,希望我們的「cup of tea」也能引起你的共鳴。我們亦邀請了香港茶家「Peerie Tea」,挑選一系列手工茶伴你開卷。祝你書途愉快,好好享受十五杯茶的時間,以一本好書開展悅讀旅程。



1. Ethereal」有機阿薩姆綠茶葉配方:適合伴讀題材輕鬆的書目,讓你暫時來一趟美好的出走,逃離現實。

2. Clement檸檬馬鞭草、檸檬草和金盏花茶:不含咖啡因,能讓你全情投入深邃的文字或開展深夜閱讀。

3. (二選一)Time-honoured」阿薩姆紅茶配以朱槿配方:適合伴讀任何書籍,隨時隨地陪伴你開展悅讀時光。

4. (二選一Homey」蘋果、肉桂、薑和接骨木花配方:用上多種傳統材料,令口感濃郁,更能讓我們歸根後再次出發,透過閱讀新經典文學,探索不同的文化。


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