AM伴讀咖啡套裝 “Reinvigorate” Coffee Kit

by 香言 Scentory


由Brew Note Coffee Roaster的烘焙師Vincent特別調配兩種不同香味的黑咖啡,以AM書單作為靈感,藉著味覺喚醒身體與心靈。

「Elevation」,淺焙咖啡,是兩種不同品種的哥倫比亞豆,無氧發酵日曬Caturra種和無氧發酵的Wush Wush 種的組合。花香,果酸明顯,有一種成熟櫻桃的果汁感。淺烘的兩種豆結合,更能呈現花香果香,柔弱中帶點醒腦的清香感。適合邊喝邊思考,可揀選社會類、思考類的書。


Our exclusive coffee blends are created based on our AM booklist by head roaster Vincent from Brew Note Coffee Roaster.

Elevation” is a light roast that combines two types of Columbian coffee beans — sun-dried Caturra and Wush Wush — that have gone through anaerobic fermentation. Exhibiting a rich floral acidity, you might even pick up the juiciness of ripe cherries. This light roast is best paired with titles that will expand your mind and challenge the status quo.

Placidity” is the delicate result of mixing two contrasting African coffee beans. This medium roast boasts a distinctive profile by combining the mild acidity of Kenyan beans and the fermented flavour of sun-dried Yirgacheffe beans. Complex yet calming, this blend eases the mind as you comb through solemn topics.


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