Book & Scent Set Vol.5: Fragrant Palm Leaves 書香套裝 vol.5:芬芳貝葉

by 香言 Scentory


Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's "Fragrant Palm Leaves: Journals 1962-1966"

I was inspired to create a book and scent set when I first came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s journals at the beginning of the pandemic as we grappled with a lot of uncertainty, and a growing sense of fear and loneliness. As I went through the book, I saw an uncanny connection between our times and Thich’s formative days as he recounted his clash with the Vietnamese government and the one-party Buddhist community in the sixties. In times of turbulence, Thich had returned to Nature, built Plum Village with his friends, and came ‘home’ with unconditional acceptance, grace and pursuit of the 'present moment'.

This set is made for you to connect with yourself. Be it 20 or 30 minutes, I hope you will find inspiration in Thich’s words and breathe in deeply as the incense burns. The incense features the woody, sedative notes of Sandalwood fused with the uplifting and comforting Salvia dorrii (Desert Sage), Yerba Santa and Makko powder, handmade by our artisan Serina in Hong Kong. 

Our book pouch is illustrated by one of our favourite illustrators, Dodolulu, based on a quote that has supported me through my turbulence: "To live, we must die every instant. We must perish again and again in the storms that make life possible." (Thich Nhat Hanh in Fragrant Palm Leaves, Parallex Press, 2020)

Extremely special for this set, we collaborated with ceramic studio TOKI NASHIKI to create an incense plate inspired by the cherry blossoms Thich had mentioned throughout his journals. His reverence and deep connection to nature have inspired us throughout the project.

"Fragrant Palm Leaves" book & scent set includes:

  • "Fragrant Palm Leaves: Journals 1962-1966" by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Incense set created by Scentory
  • Book pouch illustrated by Dodolulu
  • Incense plate handmade by TOKI NASHIKI (needs to be purchased separately) Click here to learn more




由這念想而生,為讓大家好好地與自己連結,我們有了這次套裝。二十分鐘或者三十分鐘也好,希望由點起線香開始,大家可在香氣引領之下,在一行禪師的文字之中覓得啟發。  由本港的匠人 Serina 手製而成,我們的線香揉合了檀木的木調與沉靜、沙漠鼠尾草、聖巴拉和楠木粉所帶的淨化與治癒,讓大家在忐忑之時覓得平靜。 而我們書袋上的繪畫是由插畫師Dodolulu所創作,靈感來在我惶惑之時支撐著的一句話: 「為了生存,我們必須在每個當下死去,必須一次又一次在風暴中毀滅又重生。」(摘自一行禪師的《芬芳貝葉》)

與此同時,我們特地與梨木製陶所合作,創作了以他在書中反復提到的桃花為靈感的線香座 。他心心念念皆是的與自我、與自然的連結,也在這企劃中一直啟發引領著我們。


  • 《芬芳貝葉:一行禪師1962-1966日記》
  • 香言出品「芬芳貝葉」線香套裝
  • 由藝術家Dodolulu設計日式書袋
  • 梨木製陶所設計及手造線香碟(需另外加購,請按連結了解更多)


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