"The Reader's Antidote" Candle Series: 57 吳騏

by 香言 Scentory


About "The Reader's Antidote" Project
We’ve all been there and we know how it feels — the ‘readers’ block’ — where your mind just swims in a sea of books, unsure of a destination. Our new series, “The Reader’s Antidote”, is year-long project that hopes to remedy this by inviting creative minds from all over the world to recommend their favourite book and respond to it in their own artistic ways. We hope this might just inspire you to step into the unknown and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.

*Introducing the Candle Subscription Service*
Receive your choice of candle & book set three times a year at a discounted price. Be among the first ones to receive the book set as soon as it comes out!

About the Artist: 57
Known for his flamboyant colours and sophisticated layers, 57’s work is the embodiment of artistic flair and commercial edge. His works have been featured in many major publications, campaigns and products, blurring the lines within the creative industry. In recent years, 57 has joined various exhibitions and artist residencies, creating works that span drawing, ceramics, installation, mural art and fashion.

Recommended Book & Scent Pairing
- "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud
- Candle Fragrance: Lavender and Palmarosa essential oil blend with beeswax (made in collaboration with Essencial Candles)

關於「The Reader's Antidote」
「選困難症」— 相信每個愛的人都應該經歷過,明明茫茫書海卻不知從何選起,所以我們決定開「The Reader's Antidote」這個企劃,希望用一兩年的時間把愛書人聚在一起,邀請他們推介書並用獨有方式演繹他們的讀後感,曠闊我們的閱讀視野。我們希望你能盡情享受這趟未知的閱讀旅程。

*「The Reader’s Antidote」訂閱書香計劃*
選書人介紹: 吳騏

- 佛洛依德著作《夢的解析》
- 蠟燭配方:薰衣草和玫瑰草天然複方精油配蜂蠟(與本地品牌Essencial Candles合作調製)

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